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Concept of journal “Ekonomisti”

In 2008 according to the agreement of Scientific Council and board of P. Gugushvili Institute of Economics of Ivane Javakhishvili Tbilisi State University Georgian international “scientific-analytical journal “Ekonomisti” was founded, the first number of which was launched once in two months at the beginning of 2009 including 2015.

In 2016 the journal was reorganized and it became international, reviewed, scientific-analytical journal, printed and electronic version.

The journal is indexed in a large search engine database - ERIH PLUS.

Journal “Ekonomisti“ is designed on the one hand to popularize modern achievements of economic science in Georgia and on the other hand to familiarize Georgian academic circles with the achievements of foreign economic science in the world. The journal aims to create favorable conditions for economic science and national economic development, to popularize an economist as a profession, to participate in development of scientific personnel, the journal is designed to familiarize the activity of the Institute to wide range of society.

At modern stage of informative society it is important to get scientific information by means of traditional as well as electronic printed sources. In order to accelerate scientific progress the scientific information base must become more accessible for the wide audience: professors and teaching staff, researchers, students and other potential readers. Journal “Ekonomisti“ will contribute to realize the most important demands.

The development of economic science is very important for national progress, so the journal has a great national importance too along with purely scientific.

Hence, the Journal “Ekonomisti“ will contribute to further development of economic science and raise the science level, will accelerate the publication of scientific literature and include in the research circulation, simplify the search of information printed in and create rich information base in which the achievement of various scientific schools will be shown.

Journal “Ekonomisti” is designed for the professionals of economic profile: professors and teaching staff, researchers, doctorants and others interested in the economy.

 All articles in the journal will be published only in Georgian and English languages, in case of presentation of the article in Russian language, its expanded summary will be also published in Georgian and English languages.

Journal “Ekonomisti” meets all main requirements of original printed and electronic journals:

• is issued in printed and electronic forms
• is issued four times a year
• is published by social networks;
• is distributed in leading scientific centres;
• is reviewed.

''Ekonomisti'' is issued in Georgian (Russian) and English Languages. The papers are fre for everybody.